Helping You Unlock Your Market Potential

WhatMarketWants is a quest to Unlock Your Market Potential by helping you build brands that inspire and do marketing in a way that works for you & your market.

– I’m the Founder, Nishant Garg

Here's What Drove Me Into This Quest

I stepped into the world of business at the age of 16 in 2006. I began with a trading business, however being a nerd, I later found myself providing web development & other related services.

As per conventional wisdom, to grow my business, I tried various marketing tactics. Some of them worked, but most did not produce any good results. I soon realized I was not alone!

I came across many other business owners struggling to find ways to build a strong brand image, generate leads and increase revenue. Despite having seemingly good things to offer, they were having a hard time getting any traction & many downright failed. All this due to lack of direction & wasting their resources on flawed ideas.

After tons of experience, a lot of research, studying dozens of books, doing multiple courses and my ongoing obsession with this subject, I finally cracked the code! 

I’ve discovered the power of understanding people, building strong brands & ways of marketing that can generate 10x better results. Over the years, I’ve successfully worked with some fabulous people. It includes brilliant doctors, energetic startups, talented artists, small local businesses, and even a famous Indian cricketer.

Now my mission is to help you thrive! While it feels incredible to work with big brands, it’s more satisfying to be able to help beginners & small businesses achieve their goals.

A Consultant with the Spirit of a Co-Founder

  • Your goals are as much of importance to me as they are to you.
  • It takes a lot to run a business. So instead, as an outsider, I want to help you as a partner. 
  • I don’t make assumptions. I ask a lot of questions to ensure I fully understand your concerns.
  • I get excited when I stumble upon ideas that can help you grow.
  • Be ready for honest opinions & constructive feedback.
  • Finally when you succeed, I’ll share your happiness with you!



I specialize in Brand Psychology & Marketing Strategy. While they are the core drivers of WhatMarketWants, there are other things too that you may require to achieve your goals.

For your ease & to keep everything aligned, I try & bring everything together. I’ve tied up with a network of amazingly talented people that includes designers, animators, illustrators, photographers, music composers, voice-over artists, ad filmmakers, copywriters & research analysts.

If you think you too can add value to this quest, let’s connect.

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